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Bradley Terrell Defends Home Turf and Wins Soares Classic with Hunt Series

(PETERSEN MEDIA-Petluma, CA)- For the second week in a row, it was a local product defending their home turf with the Hunt Wingless Series. During Saturday’s Soares Classic at Petaluma Speedway, it was Sebastopol, CA driver Bradley Terrell grabbing his second win of the year as he pocketed the big win at his home track.

Lining up fourth in the feature event, Terrell was able to make a couple of big moves to put his No. 11BT mount out front much to the delight of the hometown crowd.

As Terrell was stout out front, behind him Nick Robfogel, Jarrett Soares, and Daniel Whitley would battle it out for positions on the Hunt Wingless Series podium.

When the checkered flag flew on the event it was Terrell surging to the win over Robfogel, Soares, Whitley, and Marcus Hardina rounding out the Top-5.

Saturday night at Petaluma Speedway, a total of 27 cars checked in to attack the famed Gumbo, and it was Terrell earning Ashely Van Den Berg Home Loans Fast Time honors.

Four heat races were ran in preliminary action with Soares winning Benic Enterprises Heat No. 1, Shawn Arriaga winning Brown and Miller Racing Solutions Heat No. 2, Nathan Schank winning King Racing Products Heat No. 3, and Trevor Schmid winning Santomauro Racing Products Heat No. 4.

Cameron Martin earned Santomauro Racing Products Hard Charger Honors, as Schank took home the TDS Hard Luck Award.

Finishing 15th, Tim Sherman Jr took home the BR Motorsports P.15 award, and Bob Newberry was the Benic Enterprises was the first non-transfer.

During Saturday night’s event the series was also able to hand out a combination of 14 bikes and scooters to young fans in attendance courtesy of Joe Hunt Magnetos, C&H Veteran Enterprises, Scaffold Solutions, and Team 92Z.

A Main Finishing Order

  1. Bradley Terrell #11BT

  2. Nick Robfogel #3

  3. Jarrett Soares #12

  4. Daniel Whitley #6K

  5. Marcus Hardina #21X

  6. Shawn Jones #14

  7. Trevor Schmid #92Z

  8. Shawn Arriaga #56

  9. Cody Fendley #9

  10. Brent Steck #2STX

  11. Eathon Lanfri #31P

  12. Cameron Martin #11

  13. Shane Hopkins #51

  14. Heath Holdsclaw #33

  15. Tim Sherman Jr. #1JR

  16. Scott Clough #60

  17. Ka’imi Moniz-Costa #5

  18. Bob Davis #3R

  19. Tony Bernard #50

  20. Nathan Schank #1S

  21. Jacob Tuttle #3T

  22. Ryon Siverling #77S

ON TAP: The Hunt Wingless Series is slated to return to action over the Labor Day weekend at Placerville Speedway. With the track currently serving as a Fire Camp, please keep an eye out for any schedule changes that may occur.

WINNERS: Jake Morgan (April 3rd Placerville Speedway), Shawn Jones (April 17th Petaluma Speedway), Bradley Terrell (May 15th Merced Speedway), Jake Morgan (May 22nd Stockton Dirt Track), Shawn Jones (July 3rd Stockton Dirt Track), Shawn Jones (July 17th Placerville Speedway), Shawn Jones (July 24th Merced Speedway), Cody Fendley (August 14th Placerville Speedway), Bradley Terrell (August 21st Petaluma Speedway).

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JOE HUNT MAGNETOS WINGLESS SERIES- Joe Hunt Magnetos’ Roger Gleeson brought the traveling concept to non-wing sprint cars by popular demand in 2010. Over the years, the Joe Hunt Magnetos Sprint Car Series has ran a limited schedule at select tracks around the state. After running under the leadership of Prentice Motorsports Group and Glad Enterprises from 2016-2018, 2019 saw Gleeson come back aboard. 2021 the series will be in action on 13 occasions as they visit five different Northern California venues.



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