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David Gravel Uses KSE Racing Products to Score Return to Racing Triumph

PETERSEN MEDIA: Slowly seeing racing come to life in various regions around the country, all eyes were on Knoxville Raceway last week during the World of Outlaws Return to Racing and it was the defending Nationals champion, David Gravel grabbing the historic win.

With empty grandstands the current norm to racing to commence, David Gravel and Ian Madsen collectively brought the country to their feet in their own living rooms as the duo entertained on Friday night. Making a late move, Gravel used his KSE Racing Products to get by Madsen and score the historic win at Knoxville Raceway.

For the first time since March 12th, cars came to life in California as 360ci sprint cars invaded Marysville Raceway. Reigning King of the West Champion, DJ Netto would also steal the show late as he worked his way forward to cap the win before donating his winnings to a local Hanford, CA food bank.

Adding winged races to the schedule at Clauson Marshall Racing, Tyler Courtney made the most of Saturday night as the team made their winged debut. Taking to St. Francois County Raceway, ‘Sunshine’ shined bright as he scored the win.

Tyler Drueke kept the winning going for KSE Racing Products as he topped the action at Bethany Speedway before Sam Hafertepe claimed Tuesday night’s opener at West Texas Raceway.

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