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DJ Netto and Tri-C Motorsports Together Again In 2017


PETERSEN MEDIA: Teaming up with the famed Tri-C Motorsports team towards the end of the 2016 season, Hanford, CA driver, DJ Netto, will again be at the controls of the potent No. 3c entry in 2017 as the team has plans for a very busy season ahead.

“I am extremely thankful to be back with Clyde and Marion Lamar in 2017,” DJ Netto said. “To be a part of this team and continue to learn the history of this car is pretty cool. We had some success together in limited starts in 2016, and we are all excited for the year ahead.”

With Lee Lindgren and Shane Hopkins both back working on the Tri-C Motorsports entry, the initial goal is go make a run at the new Sprint Car Challenge Tour Championship.

A 13-race schedule with the SCCT will allow Netto and Tri-C Motorsports to fill their schedule with various races on the West Coast, and they plan to compete with the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series when they are out west, the King of the West Series, as well as an array of 360ci and 410ci races, and are hoping to make a trip to the Knoxville Nationals.

“It is going to be a busy season for this team, and I am glad to have these guys in my corner,” Netto added. “Lee and Shane really worked with me last year to get comfortable in these cars, and I think we have the tools to be competitive every where we go.”

With racing in the United States starting to come to life, Netto will kick his 2017 season off on February 17th and 18th in Tucson, AZ before the California season goes green on March 3rd and 4th in Chico, CA.

“The season is coming quick, and I can’t wait to get back in the seat,” Netto added. “My guys are been working extremely hard in the shop, and Clyde and Marion Lamar have been providing then what they need to be successful, and for that I am very thankful.”

STAY CONNECTED: Stay updated with DJ and his team by following him on twitter @DJ_Netto88.

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2017 Tentative Schedule

DATESDAYSINFOTRACKLOCATION2/17/17FridayWildcat Raceway 2KWildcat RacewayTucson, AZ2/18/17SaturdayWildcat Raceway 3KWildcat RacewayTucson, AZ2/25/17SaturdayToller Memorial/360Marysville SpeedwayMarysville, CA3/3/17Friday410 ChicoSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA3/4/17SaturdayKWSSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA3/9/17ThursdayWOOLas Vegas SpeedwayLas Vegas, NV3/10/17FridayWOOLas Vegas SpeedwayLas Vegas, NV3/17/17FridayWOO 410Tulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA3/18/17SaturdayWOO 410Tulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA3/24/17FridayWOO 410Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA3/25/17SaturdayWOO 410Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA3/29/17ThursdayWOO 410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA3/29/17ThursdayBRCA MidgetPlacerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA3/31/17FridayWOO 410Kings SpeedwayHanford, CA4/1/17SaturdaySCS 260Antioch SpeedwayAntioch, CA4/7/17FridayWOOCocopah SpeedwaySomerton, AZ4/8/17SaturdayWOOArizona Speedway/Queen CreekSan Tan Valley, AZ4/9/17SundayWOOArizona Speedway/Queen CreekSan Tan Valley, AZ4/14/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA4/15/17SaturdaySCS 360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA4/21/17FridayTulare Wing 360 OpenTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA4/22/17SaturdayKWS 410 MurphyTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA4/28/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA4/29/17SaturdaySCS 360Petaluma SpeedwayPetaluma, CA5/5/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA5/6/17SaturdayKWS/Bradway MemorialSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA5/12/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA5/13/17SaturdayKWSPlacerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA5/20/17SaturdayKWSTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA5/27/17SaturdaySCS 360Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA5/28/17SundayCWS FairSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA6/3/17SaturdayKWSAntioch SpeedwayAntioch, CA6/9/17FridayKing of Kings 360Kings SpeedwayHanford, CA6/10/17SaturdayKWS 410Tulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA6/16/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA6/17/17SaturdaySCS 360Antioch SpeedwayAntioch, CA6/23/17FridayKWS OceanOcean SpeedwayWatsonville, CA6/24/17SaturdayKWS 410  racing both carsCalistoga SpeedwayCalistoga, CA6/24/17SaturdaySCS 360Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga, CA6/25/17SundayPetaluma FairPetaluma SpeedwayPetaluma, CA6/30/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA7/1/17SaturdayKWS 410Kings SpeedwayHanford, CA7/2/16SundaySCS 360Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA7/3/17MondaySCS 360Petaluma SpeedwayPetaluma, CA7/4/17TuesdayPTS 410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA7/8/16SaturdayPTS 410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA7/14/17FridayCWS HK ClassicOcean SpeedwayWatsonville, CA7/15/16SaturdayKWS OceanOcean SpeedwayWatsonville, CA7/21/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA7/22/17SaturdayPTS 410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA7/28/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA7/29/17SaturdaySCS 360Fernley RacewayFernley, NV7/29/17SaturdayBCRA MidgetFernley RacewayFernley, NV8/3/17Thursday360 KNOXKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/4/17Friday360 KNOXKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/5/17Saturday360 KNOXKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/6/17SundayCaptani ClassicKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/9/17WednesdayWOO KnoxKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/10/17ThursdayWOO KnoxKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/11/17FridayWOO KnoxKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/12/17SaturdayWOO KnoxKnoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA8/18/17FridayPTS 410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA8/19/17SaturdayPTS 410 5KPlacerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA8/25/17FridaySCS 360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA8/26/17SaturdaySCS 360Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA9/1/17FridayWOO 410Skagit SpeedwaySkagit, WA9/2/17SaturdayWOO 410Skagit SpeedwaySkagit, WA9/4/17MondayWOO 410Greys harbor SpeedwayElma, WA9/6/17WednesdayWOO 410Williamette SpeedwayLebanon, OR9/8/16FridayWOO 410 – Gold CupSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA9/9/16SaturdayWOO 410 – Gold CupSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA9/15/17FridayWOO 410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga, CA9/16/17SaturdayWOO 410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga, CA9/21/17ThursdayNON WING 360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA9/22/17FridaySCS 360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA9/23/17SaturdaySCS 360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville, CA9/29/17FridayFall NationalsSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA9/30/17SaturdayFall NationalsSilver Dollar SpeedwayChico, CA10/6/17FridayKWS OceanOcean SpeedwayWatsonville, CA10/7/17SaturdayAdobe CupPetaluma SpeedwayPetaluma, CA10/13/17FridayKing of Kings 360/OpenKings SpeedwayHanford, CA10/14/17SaturdayKWS 410Kings SpeedwayHanford, CA10/19/17ThursdayTrophy CupTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA10/20/17FridayTrophy CupTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA10/21/17SaturdayTrophy CupTulare ThunderbowlTulare, CA11/4/17SaturdayKWSStockton SpeedwayStockton, CA11/18/16SaturdayKOK 360 Turkey NightKings SpeedwayHanford, CA




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