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Driver Forecast: Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy


(PETERSEN MEDIA)- In today’s world we often find ourselves trying to predict anything and everything. As a sports fan we often try to predict who our team is going to draft, as a racer or race fan we often find ourselves trying to determine what the weather is going to do on a weekly basis. Race fans are also always trying to figure out what drivers are going to be at their local track on any given night, which in this sport is sometimes rather difficult.

The team at the Dirt Classic has teamed up with resident experts from the areas of our upcoming races to try as best as we can to predict what drivers will be at each given event and place them on our event Big Board.

Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy is fast approaching, and with the event taking place at Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA, we teamed up with Lincoln Speedway feature writer, Anthony Corini to get his thoughts on the event and his ideas of who he would expect to check in on June 11th.

The Favorites: With the season off and running at Lincoln Speedway a driver always capable of taking home the checkered flag on any given night is ‘The Edge’ Brian Montieth. Montieth was the Dirt Classic Champion in 2015 and will be a huge threat to grab the second Golden Ticket into the event during Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy. “Montieth is one driver that always comes to mind when talking about Lincoln Speedway,” Corini noted. “He is the five time and defending track champion, and knows his way around the speedway.”

The two-time and defending winner of this Dirt Classic qualifier is none other than Danny Dietrich, and there is no way he wants someone to come in and break this streak as he looks for an early entry into the $20,000-To-Win, $1,000-to-start Dirt Classic once again. One of the most outspoken, and talented drivers in Central PA, Dietrich will be in the mix no matter where he starts. “Danny Dietrich has become a household name at the Lincoln Speedway, and will be a favorite to win the Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energry,” Corini added. “He has countless wins at Lincoln Speedway and seems to show out when the stakes are raised.”

Another driver we think will have a say in the Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy is Stevie Smith. Having tremendous success over the course of his storied career, Smith has been a dominant force in since joining forces with Fred Rahmer and his RBM Motorsports team. Picking up a World of Outlaws win and the Inaugural Dirt Classic win both at Lincoln Speedway, we urge you to keep track of Stevie Smith.

Our last favorite would be none other than Greg Hodnett. Though not a Lincoln Speedway regular, Hodnett seems to have success with the Heffner Racing team each time he checks into the speedway, as he is the only repeat winner at the track in 2016. With a laundry list of accolades already on his resume, Hodnett will be in the hunt for the Golden Ticket on June 11th. “Hodnett currently leads the area in wins, and is racing really well right now,” Corini noted. “He just picked up another win at Lincoln recently and always seems to be good when he rolls through the pit gate.”

The Dark Horses: Hoping to not slight these two drivers, but Ryan Smith and Alan Krimes just may fly under the radar as this event gets closer. Both drivers are smooth, and have been getting stronger year after year. . “Both Ryan Smith and Alan Krimes are more than capable of pulling off a big win like this,” Corini added. “Though they do not quite have the star power of some of our odds on favorites, they have continued to show speed and the ability to compete up front.”

Most Likely To Take The Challenge: Aside from granting the race winner a Golden Ticket into the $20,000-To-Win $1,000-To-Start Dirt Classic in September, the Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy also features as ‘Pay to Pass Challenge’ where one driver will have the opportunity to go to the back of the pack and earn some serious cash for each car they pass. Heading into the June 11th event, Corini thinks Double-D, Danny Dietirch is the driver most likely to accept the task.

“Heading into this race, there are a few drivers that I think are capable of taking the challenge and having success with it, but with his flare for the dramatic Danny Dietrich would be my pick,” Corini explained. “Other candidates I could see taking it would be Brian Montieth because he is a threat to win from where against any group of cars, and Alan Krimes because he seems to get better as the race goes on and as the track slicks off.”

Driver Forecast:

1 – Lucas Wolfe

1x – Chad Trout

2w  – Glenndon Forsythe

2D – Chase Dietz

5 – Tyler Ross

8 – Billy Dietrich

11c – Cory Haas

12 – Mike Bittinger

15 – Adam Wilt

16 – Gerard McIntyre

21 – Brian Montieth

21T – Scott Fisher

25 – Aaron Ott

27 – Greg Hodnett

35 – Steve Owings

37 – JJ Grasso

39 – Tim Glatfelter

48 – Danny Dietrich

51 – Freddie Rahmer

51s – Stevie Smith

52 – Austin Hogue

55k – Robbie Kendall

59 – Jim Siegel

69 – Shane Hoff

75 – Nicole Bower

87 – Alan Krimes

88 – Brandon Rahmer

91 – David Quackenbush

94 – Ryan Smith

98 – Joe Trenca

99m – Kyle Moody

As the event gets closer please continue to check as we continue to update the Driver Forecast as activity continues to develop in Central PA.

ON TAP- Saturday June 11th, the Dirt Classic Showcase presented by Leffler Energy is set to take place at the Lincoln Speedway in Abbottstown, PA.

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