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Driver of the Week: Kyle Larson


Ask the @dreamsprint guys who the best sprint car driver is in the world and we all answer “He’s driving NASCAR.” This week’s Driver of the Week has jumped back into a sprint car for the first time in recent memory and all he’s done is podium three times in three chances versus some stout All Star Series competitors right out of the box. Let there be no doubt this kid Larson can still wheel. Kyle Larson is the Dream Team’s DOTW for this week.

Honorable mentions to a few:

Bud Kaeding for winning his first ever Stockton feature at the King of the West show with a last turn pass.

Mitchell Faccinto for nearly winning that same race but coming up a turn short and running second.

Zack Lynskey for running a strong second after leading the Civil War Series race at Petaluma Speedway for 22 laps.

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