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Ensign Has Strong Showing During California Sprint Week


PETERSEN MEDIA: Running a little bit of everything thus far in 2016, Geoff Ensign climbed aboard the Ted Finkenbinder No. 3f to compete in the Louie Vermeil Classic. Having a strong showing in Calistoga, the Finkenbinder team ended up running the entire California Sprint Week, and Ensign would wind up fourth overall in the points.

“I have to thank Ted and Rose Finkenbinder, Dave Higgins, and everyone who made this whole week possible,” Ensign said. “We ran pretty well in Calistoga, CA and ended up doing the entire Sprint Week and had success.”

Making his season debut with the USAC/CRA series over the Labor Day weekend at the Calistoga Speedway, Ensign would lay down a strong lap in time trials that would see him time the 3f in 10th fastest.

Following a fourth place finish in his heat, Ensign would move into the feature event where he would make a little headway and score a 10th place finish.

The Louie Vermeil finale would be an entertaining race, but things would not get off to a great start as the Sebastopol, CA driver found himself 24th on the speed chart after time trials.

Running second in his heat, Ensign would finish third in his heat race, which placed him shotgun on the field for the 30-lap feature event. Getting off to a great start, Ensign would find himself up in the Top-10 within the race’s first to-laps.

Continuing to work his way forward, Ensign would avoid catastrophe on the 19th lap when he was able to keep his machine under fire after contact on the front chute, and then as he cracked the top five, he was able to again stay under power as cars wrecked in turns one and two.

With the right front corner of his car damaged, Ensign end up landing on the Vermeil Classic podium as the race was cut short on the 29th lap due to curfew, capping a run fro 23rd to third.

After a hard charge, the decision was made to head to the Petaluma Speedway for the third round of Sprint Week. Running in the second spot during the early stages of the race, Ensign would get past USAC National start, Chad Boespflug to take over the race lead.

Fending off Boespflug lap after lap, a late restart would see Damion Gardner race his way into the lead, and Ensign would finish in the second spot.

Making the trip to the Silver Dollar Speedway in Chico, CA, and extremely rough and fast surface would see another strong performance from the Finkenbinder Motorsports team, as the team picked up their fourth consecutive Top-10 finish by way of a sixth place effort.

The final weekend of Sprint Week would see the series head to the Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA. Getting through the semi, Ensign would work his way up to eighth at one time, but would struggle to find grip late in the race and score his worst finish of the week, which was 16th.

Saturday night’s finale was at the Keller Auto Speedway in Hanford, CA. Getting off to a nice start, the “Human Highlight Reel” would lay down the fourth quickest lap in time trials, but would not get through his heat.

Running second in the semi, Ensign would endure a very lengthy a wild feature event that would see him take the checkered flag in the seventh spot.

When the points were tallied, Ensign would find himself fourth overall behind Gardner, Thomas Meseraull, and Ryan Bernal.

“We really didn’t have a plan when the week started, but I am thankful that the guys decided to do all six races,” Ensign added. “Again, just want to thank everyone associated with Finkenbinder Motorsports and my family and friends for all of their support.”

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