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Epic Battle Ends With Career Best Eldora Speedway Finish for Tanner Carrick


PETERSEN MEDIA: In what has been a very well talked about Midget race at Eldora Speedway last Saturday night, Tanner Carrick turned in a stout performance that saw him flirt with victory before settling for a career best Eldora Speedway finish which was a hard fought second place.

“That was the most fun I have had in a Midget in some time,” Carrick said with a smile. “I went as hard as I could lap after lap, but we just came up short. It was a fun race, but I wish we could have been on the top step of the podium.”

Lining up on the front row of the feature event, Carric would see his teammate, Logan Seavey jump out to the early lead in turns one and two, but by the time the field made their way into turns three and four, Carrick had worked his way to the point as the stage was set for an epic battle up front.

Lap after lap the tow KKM teammates with duke it out as they threw blows at each other, only to see the other return the favor in the next corner.

Back and forth neither driver would back down as fans on this night were treated to an a ‘gloves off’ battle. While Carrick battled with Seavey for second, Tyler Courtney would work into third and it would soon be a three horse race for the coveted Four-Crown Nationals Midget win.

On the 22ndand 23rdlaps, Courtney would take his shots at Carrick, but the youngster from Lincoln, CA had answers both time, just as he answered all of Seavey’s calls.

Coming to the white flag, Courtney would surge back to the top spot over Carrick, and down the back stretch he would use a lapped car as a pick and it would break Carrick’s momentum.

Though Carrick would get by and stay in second, he would not have the speed to get back to Courtney in the final pair of corners as he would hang on to a career best Eldora Speedway finish for himself as he finished second.

“It was a race I would have loved to win, but it just makes me that much more hungry to get back here and try again next year,” Carrick explained. “Thanks to all these Keith Kunz Motorsports guys for giving me a fast car.”

Tanner Carrick and the Keith Kunz Motorsports team would like to thank Craftsman, CVC, TRD, Spike Chassis, Cemex, Arai, and Shell Shock for their support.

2019 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-44, Wins-1, Top 5’s-10, Top 10’s-24

ON TAP: Carrick and KKM will be at Jacksonville Speedway this Friday and Saturday night.

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