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From The Owner: A Message From Rick Rogers of Destiny Motorsports


PETERSEN MEDIA: “Well, 2016 is in the books and all I can say is thank god that is over. When we started this season we thought that we had done everything possible to improve on our previous season finish of 10th place in the WoO standings. When we went to Florida and it didn’t go the way we wanted it to, we were stunned to say the least. We decided that we were not going to panic and we would reevaluate after California and to be honest after California, I definitely thought about shutting the team down and moving on with life.

Surprisingly though a few things stopped me from doing this. My wife and I sat down and had a long conversation about the future of this team along with our partner from our largest sponsor, MonDak Portables, and they both reminded me of my passion for this sport of sprint car racing. They also told me that the difference in me being successful in my business life is that in business I have a more hands on approach, and am in charge on a daily basis. Another point they made to me was that my employees in business would walk through fire to do what I ask them to do, and they see the same thing with this driver and most of the crew and they encouraged me to run Destiny Motorsports more like my business.

So after California, I started having talks with members of my team to find out who would be on board for forging ahead and working to improve our race team. I found out that the crew that I had in front of me was so determined to make this better that it sent chills down my spine.

I have never had a driver that was as committed to my dream and me more then Paul McMahan. When we spoke to him about the results of the team and how things were going, the first thing I told him was that I understood that this is how he feeds his family and that I would not hold it against him if he left my team as we were not doing well at all and it was hurting his bottom line. Caught a little off guard with his response, Paul looked me straight in the eye and said “how about you and I work to fix this team and put us on the map where this team belongs?”, which as a car owner is very good thing to hear.

Paul and I made a commitment to each other and our crew that we together were going to do everything in our power to change our fate. The favorite quote of Paul’s is “we have two options we can quit or we can keep digging and make it better and neither one of us is a quitter.” That is a mantra that drove us through the season, and continues to drive us today.

As a team we have worked so hard to fix this team, and we all feel that we are very close to completing our goal even though our results did not pick up as the year moved along. We end this season knowing exactly what we need to work on for next year, and we have a very good plan moving into this off-season. We will work diligently this off-season to make this team better for next year.

We are committed to Paul McMahan for next year and we are also committed to running the full WoO tour again in 2017.

We cant thank Paul McMahan, Tyler Rhey, Dennis Christ (Fud), Sonny Kratzer, Kyle Kenoyer, and Scott Benic for all their hard work and dedication to this team as we would not be where we are at without them.

We also want to thank the McMahan family for all of their sacrifices this year and allowing Paul to continue on with us even though it was tough at times. Thanks to Brayden McMahan for always providing laughter when all we wanted to do was cry, this kid sure can find a ray of hope and comedy in every bad situation.

And last but not least, we want to thank all you fans for staying true to us while we go through this trying season. The positive thoughts that you guys have given us truly kept us going when we were down, and those negative comments worked as well. As an owner take them very personal, and that makes me thrive to make this team better. We strive to improve this team for our core group, but we also work to silence our critics.

With 2016 officially in the books, we are very excited to continue our work for the 2017 season. We hope all of you are just as excited, and we look forward to sharing some new things as they unfold this winter.”

Destiny Motorsports would like to thank MonDak Portables, Ft. Union Supply and Trading, Rick Rogers Construction, Maxim Chassis, Boss Signs and Graphics, Driver Websites, Petersen Media, FK Rod Ends, KSE Racing Products, ButlerBuilt, Simpson Race Products, Keizer Wheels, DMI, Red Devil Brakes, Champion Oil, All Pro Cylinder Heads, Astro Titanium, and Hoosier Tire for their continued support.

2016 BY THE NUMBERS: Starts-90, Wins-0, Top 5’s-1, Top 10’s-19.

ON TAP: The 2016 season has come to a close.

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