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Jake Morgan Wins Hunt Series Thriller As He Becomes All Time Winningest Spec Sprint Driver at PVille

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

(PETERSEN MEDIA-Placerville, CA)- Jake Morgan made history on Saturday night at Placerville Speedway. By way of his thrilling win over good friend, Shane Hopkins, Saturday night marked Morgan’s eighth career Spec Sprint win at the track and moves him to first all time on the track’s wins list for the division.

Leading the field to green, Morgan wasted no time jumping out to the early lead as he worked the Placerville Speedway cushion.

While Morgan jumped out to the early lead, behind him fifth starting Shane Hopkins made a couple of swift moves to move into the second position on the race’s fourth lap.

Morgan had committed to the high side of the speedway while second running Hopkins kept pace with the leader as he worked the low side of the speedway and actually had his left front tire rotating on the infield berm.

The only thing that could slow the lead duo was a slew of stoppages, but each restart would see the battle up front intensify.

One restart saw Morgan’s entry get upset on the curb and allow Hopkins to take the lead, only to see another caution negate the pass. The ensuing restart saw Morgan have a much more mellow corner as he led the way but Hopkins would find his way by again, only to see the yellow again negate his effort.

As the laps clicked down, Morgan and Hopkins would subsequently switch lines, as Morgan looked to take the bottom away from Hopkins, but the top was good for Hopkins as well as he pulled alongside the leader on a pair of occasions before tripping on the cushion in turns three and four himself.

With Hopkins’ misstep, Morgan was able to open the lead back up as he went on to claim the win over Hopkins, Marcus Hardina, Jimmy Christian and Nick Robfogel.

In what was the second event of the very young season on Saturday night, a total of 24 cars checked in and it was Jimmy Christian earning the Dependable Crane Fast Time award.

Jake Morgan won Benic Ent. Heat No. 1, Josh Young won Brown and Miller Heat No. 2, Brent Steck won King Racing Products Heat No. 3, and Mark Hanson won Santomauro Heat Race No. 4.

Racing his way to a ninth-place finish, Anthony Snow was the Santomauro Hard Charger, while Shawn Arriaga was the Matt Streeter Racing Hard Luck Award recipient after enduring a wild flip in time trials after setting the second fastest lap of the night.

Scott Clough finished 15th and earned the BR Motorsports P. 15 award, as Antonio Aragon was awarded the Arbogast Technologies Best Presenting Feature Car award.

The final contingency of the night went to Nick Robfogel who was pretend the Vahlco Wheels Cool Move of the Night.


  1. Jake Morgan #7M

  2. Shane Hopkins #51

  3. Marcus Hardina #21X

  4. Jimmy Christian #32

  5. Nick Robfogel #3

  6. Josh Young #7EJ

  7. Jacob Tuttle #3F

  8. Eric Hopkins #151

  9. Anthony Snow #17

  10. Troy DeGaton #92Z

  11. Eathon Lanfri #31P

  12. Ka'imi Moniz-Costa #5

  13. Heath Holdsclaw #33

  14. Jordan Garretson #98Z

  15. Scott Clough #60

  16. Tony Bernard #50

  17. Jarrett Soares #12

  18. Brent Steck #2STX

  19. Mark Hanson #79

  20. Evan Gularte #17M

  21. Trey Walters #7

  22. Antonio Aragon #X

ON TAP: The Hunt Series will return to action on May 21st at Merced Speedway.

WINNERS: Bradley Terrell (March 26th Petaluma Speedway), Jake Morgan (April 2nd Placerville Speedway),

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JOE HUNT MAGNETOS WINGLESS SERIES- Joe Hunt Magnetos’ Roger Gleeson brought the traveling concept to non-wing sprint cars by popular demand in 2010. Over the years, the Joe Hunt Magnetos Sprint Car Series has ran a limited schedule at select tracks around the state. After running under the leadership of Prentice Motorsports Group and Glad Enterprises from 2016-2018, 2019 saw Gleeson come back aboard. 2021 the series will be in action on 13 occasions as they visit five different Northern California venues.



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