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Justyn Cox Ready For Big Year


PETERSEN MEDIA: As the 2015 season begins to approach in the United States, Justyn Cox and his Cox Racing team are very excited to release what looks to be a very busy 2015 schedule.

“Over the winter, myself, Little Rod, my uncle Phil, Brent Everitt, and my Grandfather have built up what we feel like is a really respectable team,” Cox said. “We have acquired a 410ci engine, and switched to ART Chassis, so we are really able to run a ton of races.”

Cox and company will hit the dirt running as racing begins out west, as they will attack to new Marysville Raceway for the Toller Memorial, before taking on the World of Outlaws during much of their 2015 Sprint West Coast swing starting out in Las Vegas, NV.

“I have been fortunate to run a little bit of 410ci stuff over my career, but this year we have a lot of races scheduled with  it, and I am really anxious to see how we stack up,” he added.

After the Outlaws leave to region, Cox then begins picking and choosing various King of the West, Civil War, and local races as his team eyes a trip to Knoxville, IA later this Summer.

“We have a really aggressive schedule set up, in hopes that it can get us ready for the Knoxville 360, and 410 Nationals,” he added. “I have been fortunate enough to go back there and run before, and have a little bit of success, so I am ecstatic to get my own team back in Iowa.”

As it tentatively sits now, Cox will be in action upward of 70 times across California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Iowa, and Nebraska.

“I am absolutely blessed to have this opportunity,” he noted. “I can’t thank my grandfather, my father, my entire family, my girlfriend, and both sponsors new and old for stepping up and making this a reality. I am very excited to have Rodney Tiner, Jr back on as my crew chief, and equally as excited to work with Kyle Riley and Untaggable Dan on my crew.”

Though his first night of racing will be February 28th, Cox will look to score his first win of the season February 14th-16th at the Sacramento Autorama.

The Cox Racing team would like to thank Berco Berry Redwood Lumber, PM Truck Repair, LRB, JRI Shocks, Konnected, Sacramento Theatrical Lighting, College Cyclery, JRD Endeavors, VSR, ART, Axcel Race Suits, SafRacer.Com, K&N Performance, Justice Brothers, Cheetah IV Racing, E-ST Garage, Worton Designs, Manzer Motorsports, and Tim’s Hot Rod Shop for their support in 2015!

2014 BY THE NUMBERS: Races-0, Wins-0, Top 5’s-0, Top 10’s-0

ON TAP: Cox will kick off his very busy 2015 season at the Marsyville Raceway on February 28th.

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Cox Racing 2015 Schedule

Date                                   Location                                                  Series      

2/28                                                   Marysville, CA                                          Toller

3/4                                                     Las Vegas, NV                                           WoO

3/5                                                     Las Vegas, NV                                           WoO

3/6                                                     Chico, CA                                            Silver Cup

3/7                                                     Chico, CA                                            Silver Cup

3/14                                                   Marysville, CA                                    Gold Fever

3/20                                                   Marysville, CA                                    Civil War

3/21                                                   Stockton, CA                                            WoO

3/22                                                   Stockton, CA                                            WoO

3/27                                                   Merced, CA                                              WoO

3/28                                                   Chico, CA                                                 WoO

3/29                                                   Antioch, CA                                              WoO

4/4                                                     Placerville, CA                                         KWS

4/8                                                     Placerville, CA                                         WoO

4/11                                                   Calistoga, CA                                      Civil War

4/12                                                   Calistoga, CA                                           WoO

4/18                                                   Placerville, CA                                         360

4/24                                                   Hanford, CA                                            360

4/25                                                   Tulare, CA                                          Civil War

5/1                                                     Chico, CA                                                 410

5/2                                                     Chico, CA                                                 KWS

5/9                                                     Placerville, CA                                         360

5/16                                                   Tulare, CA                                               KWS

5/23                                                   Marysville, CA                                    Civil War

5/24                                                   Chico, CA                                            Civil War

5/29                                                   Cottage Grove, OR                             Smith Mem

5/30                                                   Cottage Grove, OR                             Smith Mem

6/5                                                     Chico, CA                                                410

6/6                                                     Chico, CA                                                KWS

6/13                                                   Stockton, CA                                           KWS

6/20                                                   Petaluma, CA                                     Civil War

6/25-27                                             Alger, WA                                           Dirt Cup

7/3                                                     Elma, WA                                               ASCS

7/4                                                     Elma, WA                                               ASCS

7/10                                                   Watsonville, CA                                  Civil War

7/11                                                   Watsonville, CA                                     KWS

7/18                                                   Placerville, CA                                       KWS

7/25                                                   Tulare, CA                                             KWS

8/1                                                     Stockton, CA                                          KWS

8/6-8                                                  Knoxville, IA                                       360 Nats

8/9                                                     Knoxville, IA                                       Cap Classic

8/10                                                   Oskaloosa, IA                                          NSL

8/12-15                                             Knoxville, IA                                       410 Nats

8/18                                                   McCool Junction, NE                             WoO

8/22                                                   Placerville, CA                                       360

8/28                                                   Chico, CA                                               410

8/29                                                   Watsonville, CA                                  Civil War

9/5                                                     Placerville, CA                                       360

9/9-12                                               Chico, CA                                            Gold Cup

9/13                                                   Antioch, CA                                            WoO

9/18                                                   Hanford, CA                                          360

9/19                                                   Hanford, CA                                          KWS

9/25                                                   Santa Maria, CA                                    KWS

9/26                                                   Ventura, CA                                           KWS

10/2-3                                               Chico, CA                                            Fall Nats

10/9                                                   Hanford, CA                                          360

10/10                                                 Tulare, CA                                             KWS

10/15-17                                           Tulare, CA                                          Trophy Cup

10/24                                                 Hanford, CA                                          KWS

11/7                                                   Stockton, CA                                       KWS/CW

11/13-14                                           Yuma, AZ                                               ASCS

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