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Kerry Madsen Lands On Back-To-Back- World of Outlaw Podiums


PETERSEN MEDIA- With the World of Outlaws invading North Dakota and Minnesota over the weekend, Kerry Madsen had a fast racecar, and put together a very good weekend as he recorded third place finishes during both nights of action.

“We were awesome both nights, and really had the car to beat on Friday, I just got beat in traffic,” he said.

Hitting the River Cities Speedway in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Friday night, Kerry Madsen was strong all night.

Timing the Keneric Racing/American Racing No. 29 entry in 16th fastest, ‘The Mad Man’, simply dominated his heat race, earning him a spot in the dash.

With the eight-pill being pulled, Madsen found himself on the pole of the six-lap shootout, and again took advantage of the prime starting spot, as he rocketed away, earning himself the pole position for the feature event.

As the feature came to life on Friday night, Madsen continued the theme of his night as he powered away to an early lead as he used the high-side of the speedway to his advantage.

Getting into traffic late in the race, he wasn’t able to maneuver as well as he liked, and the end results was Donny Schatz, and Cody Darrah getting around him, with Madsen taking the third spot at the stripe.

“We had the car to win, I just got beat in heavy traffic,” he said. “We would lose speed on the top in traffic, so the next time I got into traffic I went low, and it didn’t work out.”

Saturday night had Madsen and his team follow the series to the I-94 Speedway in Fergus Falls, MN, and the St. Marys, NSW driver kicked the night off by timing in third fastest.

By way of his second place finish in his heat, Madsen earned a dash berth, and a fifth place finish lined him up in the third row of the feature event.

In a feature event that would go non-stop, Madsen jumped into the fourth spot as he chased after Cody Darrah. With Steve Kinser throwing his hat into the fray, Madsen would slip back to the fifth after the trio went three in turns one and two.

On the 13th lap, Madsen was able to get past Kinser, and again set his sights on third running Cody Darrah.

Two laps later Madsen would use the high-side to get around Darrah, to take the third spot, as he went after the lead duo of Roger Crockett and Brad Sweet.

In thick traffic, Madsen would get up to challenge Sweet a few times, but ultimately closed his weekend out with a duplicate third place finish of a night before.

“We are all thrilled to run on the podium each night,” Madsen said. “These races are tough, and to be up front and contending, you really can’t ask for much more.”

2014 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-46, Wins-6, Top-5’s-19, Top 10’s-35

ON TAP: ‘The Mad Man’ returns to action this weekend as he hits the 34 Raceway on Friday night,  Beaver Dam Raceway on Saturday night before taking to the Cedar Lake Speedway on Sunday night.

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