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KSE Racing Products Flex Muscle in Knoxville


PETERSEN MEDIA: During Sprint Car racing’s biggest 10 days of the year, KSE Racing Products flexed some serious muscle as our drivers and teams simply dominated the action.

David Gravel put together a fantastic week in Knoxville with his Jason Johnson Racing team. Winning the Capitani Classic, Gravel came back to score top honors during his Thursday night preliminary night, and then again on Saturday night as he claimed his 1stcareer Knoxville Nationals triumph.

In fact, all 24 of the Saturday night starters in the feature event utilized KSE Racing Products.

Aside from Gravel’s success, Trey Starks (Wednesday), and Kerry Madsen (Friday) also found Knoxville Raceway victory lane during the Nationals.

Not only did the 410 Nationals winner chose KSE Racing products, but so did the Knoxville 360 Nationals Champion, as James McFadden and his KKR team earned their first triumph at the storied event. Like the 410 Nationals, all 360 Nationals prelim winners also ran KSE Racing Products as Ryan Giles won night one, and the aforementioned McFadden won night 2.

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