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Late Race Pile Up Knocks Copeland Out of Bradway Memorial Top-10


PETERSEN MEDIA- Colby Copeland and Antaya Motorsports returned to action over the weekend in Chico, CA. Finishing seventh during the Bill Brownell Memorial on Friday night, a late pile up left Copeland with nowhere to go and ended his night while running inside the Top-10 during the Bradway Memorial.

“We seem to be getting better each race, but luck just doesn’t seem to be on our side currently,” Colby Copeland said.

Friday night saw the Good Guys Rod and Custom Association/Fule Curve/Fire Protection Management No. 16A check in at Silver Dollar Speedway for the Bill Brownell Memorial and Copeland would open his weekend up by timing in fifth quickest in qualifying time trials.

Slipping back to a fifth place finish in his heat race, the Roseville, CA driver would be forced into the ‘B Main’ where the win would move him into the feature event. Lining up behind the redraw cars, Copeland would spend the duration of the 30-lap affair battling for position inside the Top-10.

As the race came to a close, Copeland would pick up his fourth Top-10 finish of the season in the Antaya Motorsports entry in what was his eighth start as he finished eighth on this night.

Saturday night saw the King of the West Series take over for the annual Dave Bradway, Jr Memorial. Timing in 13th quickest in qualifying time trials, Copeland would finish third in his heat race and transfer directly into the 40-lap Bradway Memorial feature event.

Jumping into the Top-10 on an early restart, Copeland would take advantage of a few more early restarts as he was up into the seventh position on the race’s 10th lap.

Continuing to work his way forward, Copeland’s machine would appear to get better as the laps clicked off in the feature event. Working up into fifth at the race’s halfway point, Copeland would continue to look extremely strong during the home half of the race.

Slipping back to sixth in a tight pack of cars battling it out, a car would get out of shape in front of Copeland an with nowhere to go Copeland would endure contact and it would bring his night to an end.

“Saturday night I felt really good in the feature,” Copeland added. “The way the race was going who knows what could have happened. I want to thank Larry and the guys who keep working at it for me night in and night out.”

Antaya Motorsports would like to thank Good Guys Rod and Custom Association, Fuel Curve, Fire Protection Management, Inc.,  and Kaeding Performance for their support in 2018.

2018 BY THE NUMBERS: Starts: 9, Wins: 0, Top 5’s: 1, Top 10’s: 4

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