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Lockwood Lands With USAC and Chris Kearns Presents, Inc


PETERSEN MEDIA-  Current World of Outlaw Race Director, Doug Lockwood, is excited to announce that he will go to work for USAC and Chris Kearns Presents Inc when he leaves the ‘Greatest Show on Dirt’ on August 24th.

“I have to thank the World of Outlaws for the opportunity they gave me over the last year, but I am really looking forward to working with Chris Kearns again, and being a part of the USAC organization,” Doug Lockwood said.

Lockwood will immediately take over Race Director duties for the USAC Western States Midget’s, and his first order of business will be the two-day extravaganza in Calistoga, CA during the Louie Vermeil Classic.

“David Prickett had told me he was planning on returning to racing in 2016, which would leave a large void in the USAC Western State Midget Race Director position, and then the opportunity came up to bring Doug back this year,” stated USAC Western Director Chris Kearns. “I spoke with David and he understood that if I waited until the end of the year that there would be a very good chance that Doug would not be available, so the change was made now to prepare for the 2016 season.”

On top of the midget’s Lockwood will also work in conjunction with Scott Woodhouse during the final events of the USAC West Coast 360 Series before taking over Race Director duties for the 2016 season.

“I grew up working with Chris Kearns and Scott Woodhouse, and am excited, and thankful to be back on board the West Coast,” Lockwood added. “My heart has always been in California, and I cannot wait to race with my family and friends on a weekly basis.”

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