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Madsen Closes 2014 Season With 5th Place Finish, and 4th Overall In World of Outlaw Standings


PETERSEN MEDIA- Kerry Madsen and his Keneric Racing/American Racing team truly had a memorable year. The World Finals brought the end of the grueling 2014 campaign, and when the dust settled, Madsen took the checkered in the final race of the year in the fifth spot, and solidified a career best, 4th place finish in World of Outlaw point standings.

“It was a really nice way to end our season,” Madsen said. “We had people here from American Racing, family members, as well as the Gavranich’s, so it was nice to run well and cap off  a great season.”

With qualifying for Friday and Saturday night’s program taking place on Thursday night, the wind picked up prior to Madsen’s Friday night run, and he ended up timing in 28th quickest. Making adjustments before his second session, Madsen got the season finale off to a quick start, as he was fifth quick for the Saturday night program.

Starting sixth in his heat race, “The Mad Man” got off to a great start as he jumped into the fourth spot before he outduelling, Danny Lasoski, to move into the third spot, where he would finish.

Successfully transferring into the feature event, the St. Marys, NSW driver lined up in the 11th row for the 30-lap feature event, and slowly worked his way forward on the extremely slick surface.

“We weren’t bad on Friday night, but we were not great,” he added. “We just missed it a little.”

Relentlessly working the Dirt Track at Charlotte, Madsen would score a 15th place finish.

Back in action on Saturday night for the final time in 2014, Madsen again got off to an awesome start in heat race action as he advanced to second from his fourth starting spot, safely putting his entry into both the night’s dash and feature event.

Lining up fifth in the feature by way of his fifth place finish in the dash, Madsen worked into the fourth spot as he aggressively pounded the cushion, during his pursuit of Stevie Smith.

Continuing to pound the top, Madsen would get as high as the third spot, as he was able to work by Smith, by a mid-race restart saw him lose a couple of positions, as he took the final checkered flag of the year in the fifth spot.

“It’s just great to get a strong finish to end a strong season,” he noted. “I really have to thank Peter and Bob Gavranich, Dan Ricehouse and American Racing Wheels, Tyler Swank, Brandon Ikenberry, and Chris Bowe for their hard work day after day, and all of the great people who continue to support us.”

2014 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-96, Wins-9, Top-5’s-49, Top 10’s-73

ON TAP: The 2014 season has come to a close.

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