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Maria Cofer Looks To Ride Wave Of Success Into Future

PETERSEN MEDIA: For 18 year old Maria Cofer, racing has been in her blood since the day she was born. Finding success at each different level she has competed at, the Macdoel, CA native hopes continued success will lead her to a long career in motorsports.

“My racing adventure started the day I was born and my Dad, Johnny Coffer, was in the middle of his career,” Maria Coffer said. “It seemed like it took forever to finally get my chance, but the time did eventually come.”

When she was 11 years old Cofer’s racing career began competing in an Outlaw Kart in Red Bluff, CA, a common training ground and starting place for open wheel drivers in the Golden State. Working at the family ranch during the week and traveling Northern California on the weekends to race, Cofer would develop an impeccable work ethic that has led to success both on and off the track.

2014-2015 saw Cofer make the jump in to the 250cc 4 Stroke Outlaw Kart Class. With the help of her father, Cofer was able to grit it out week after week and become the first female to win the Red Bluff Outlaws Series Championship. That next season Cofer would make the jump to the Open Class in the Outlaw Kart ranks where she would continue to open eyes and turn heads as she ran a National schedule and was able to race at various tracks and on different types of surfaces from coast to coast.

With her Outlaw Kart roots, Cofer now competes with the Bay Cities Racing Association (BCRA) in both a dirt and pavement Midget. Running a Midget, Cofer has been able to emulate the success from her past into the bigger car and that was apparent in 2017 when she became the first female to win the BCRA Dirt Midget Series Championship.

“Becoming the first female to win the BCRA title was a great accomplishment,” Cofer said. “Winning it in 2017 has us hungry to back it up in 2018 and I think we have the team to do it.”

So far in 2018 Cofer is on the right track to do so as he was able to pick up a win so far in BCRA action at Merced Speedway in Merced, CA.

While competing in CA, Cofer is hopeful and determined to further her career and make racing more than just her hobby. Though it is a male driven sport, the California native is determined to prove she is in this for the long haul and is hoping continued to success leads to further backing, or more opportunity to race.

“I think anyone who straps into a racecar has hopes of doing it for a long time,” Cofer added. “I know opportunities can be hard to come by, and I know finding adding support is tough but nobody said making it in motorsports was easy. I have been lucky with the opportunities and support I have had over my career, and hopefully we can continue to run well and big things will happen.”

STAY CONNECTED: Keep up with Maria Cofer and her 2018 season by following along with her on Twitter @MCofer57.

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