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The Driver’s Journal- Dominic Scelzi Seeing The Big Picture


By Dominic Scelzi

2019 is a year of many new adventures for me. My entire life I have dreamed of being a professional race car driver and this year I have decided to let that dream go. Now I can tell you a few things about this decision that are crazy to me that I never thought would be true.

1) starting a roll in our family business has given me a real enjoyment and happiness I truly didn’t think would happen. I purchase steel for Scelzi Enterprises during the week punching the clock. It’s something of nightmares for a younger me, but I really enjoy what I do and being a part of a family legacy that has been so successful. I’m eager to stamp my worth and show I can be successful and useful in something so different than what I’ve loved my whole life. As I have grown older my wants in life have changed. And with a few injuries I feel very different than what I did at 16 or even 18. I wake up now feeling like an old man I jokingly say! This off season I decided instead of spending another year in Australia that I would stay home and enjoy my family and try out a more important roll at work. As much as I enjoy what I am doing, the 2nd truth I have learned is even more surprising.

Truth 2). I want to win and compete even more than I did when racing was full time for me. I have noticed I feel like I’m that 12 year old kid again out to prove that I am capable of greatness behind the wheel of a race car. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely aware I am not and never will be Donny or Steve. But I feel now more than ever that I am racing to the best of my ability and am beyond hungry to win. Sitting at home watching my brother win and compete in Australia has been so motivating for me to push myself to be the best in the seat I can be. Especially with my new ride at Roth Motorsports. 2018 was by far the best year of my career. We won 6 races across the country. Won a big 360 show in Jackson Minnesota, passed my brother on the last lap in Stockton to win, and the biggest moment by far was winning the World Challenge at the Knoxville Nationals. A year like that was so special to me and with our runs that weren’t wins, still were special. Top 5s all through the country with the outlaws and a disappointing 3rd in South Dakota that I feel was a true shot at my first outlaw win. I still am making mistakes but they are becoming less and less. Now with being more of a weekend warrior, I feel my hunger to win at the highest level and win a championship is higher than ever. To me, there is no tougher group to beat than the outlaws, and we are getting close, and I know we can make it happen.

With the opportunity to take over the seat of the 83 since Kyle Hirst has taken a partial retirement is very exciting to me as well. Growing up, the 83 car was top of my list of historic cars to drive. Everyone knows with driving the 83 comes added pressure to succeed. The 83 just wins. It always has and always will. Filling the shoes of Kyle is going to be extremely tough. But I feel I can do it! The KWS championship is our goal. In 2015 I was leading points in my family car and fractured 6 vertebrae in my back which set me out for just over 2 months. Since then I’ve wanted nothing more than to redeem myself and show what I’ve learned since then. Racing against guys like Bud Kaeding, DJ Netto, Ryan Bernal, Willie Croft, and so many more is exciting for me because I feel California has some of the most talented drivers in the country! I’m excited to see what I can do in the 83 and 41 this year and couldn’t be any happier stepping into so many great avenues of success. I will not fail. I will not give up. But I sure as hell will enjoy every second of this season.



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