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The Driver’s Journal- Life During Lockdown

By Andy Forsberg


I have been fortunate to run approximately 60-70 shows per season for quite a while now and with that comes routine.

Basically 9 full months is dedicated to the sport we all love. During those 9 months other things get swept to the side, household projects, landscaping, shop projects etc. Throughout the racing season I will start putting together to do lists for the off season for myself and the race team. This past winter was no different. I got all my projects done around the house, my crew guys got the cars ready along with various projects that we wanted done.

We were 100% ready for race season to start, we raced a couple of shows and everything was great until the Corona Virus hit us all. This virus has changed everyone’s life unexpectedly. The fairground tracks shut down and we thought maybe Marysville Raceway Park would be an option for racing since it is privately owned, but that too is now not an option with the restrictions put on all the counties and state.

We are now just stuck in limbo and the realization is that we are flat out not going racing.

Like  I said earlier, every project I needed to get done before the season started is done, I find myself thinking ” OK there are no races this weekend, maybe my wife and I can go out and have a nice dinner, see a movie” and then it occurs to me I am not suppose to even leave my house!

I am not exactly sure what the future is but for me the treadmill may see a little more action, my viber chat group and the DVR are going to have to keep me occupied until all this chaos passes, fingers crossed its sooner than later and everyone is safe.

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