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The Mad Man Racks Up Sixth World of Outlaw Wins Of Season


PETERSEN MEDIA- A grueling week on the West Coast came to a close in a big way for Kerry Madsen and his Keneric Racing team. The eight-race stretch came to a close on Sunday night in Antioch, CA with Madsen and company celebrating their sixth series win of 2014 as Madsen narrowly held of Kyle Hirst

“I am lucky to be on the good side of that history,” Madsen said in reference to his win being the closest in World of Outlaw history (.005 seconds). “We had a really fast racecar, but lapped traffic over the final few laps really allowed him to close up.”

With 27 cars on hand for the West Coast finale at the Antioch Speedway, Madsen timed his Keneric Racing/American Racing/Morrison Racing Engines machine in fourth fastest, before finishing fourth in heat race action.

Finishing second in the dash, Madsen lined up on the front row with Daryn Pittman for the 30-lap feature event. Taking advantage of a lap six restart, Madsen stormed into the lead on the seventh lap, and never looked back, as he set a nice pace out front.

Getting into lapped traffic in just four laps, Madsen was magnificent as he timed his moves on the slower traffic, to keep his lead comfortable.

As the laps clicked down, traffic became difficult for Madsen, and lap by lap, second running Hirst was able to erase what was once a comfortable lead.

With Hirst going side-by-side with Madsen, Madsen was able to beat him to the checkered flag in record fashion as his margin of victory was just .005 seconds.

“I had no idea he was even that close,” Madsen admitted. “We got through traffic really well all night, but the last few laps I had some trouble, but thankfully we were able to hold him off. Have to thank my guys for the hard work on what is a very busy stretch for us.”

The rest of the West Coast swing worked also went well for Madsen and his team, as they put together very consistent finishes.

Kicking off the stretch at the Skagit Speedway, Madsen ran second to Donny Schatz to open up the trip before finishing seventh on Saturday night.

Moving south to Elma, WA, the Mad Man would time in fourth fastest, before pocketing another seventh place finish.

The Willamette Speedway was on tap last Tuesday night, and after timing in 20th fastest, Madsen would earn KSE Hard Charger honors by way of his 12th place finish from his 20th starting spot.

Medford, OR was the scene for Wednesday’s race, and after starting in the 17th spot, The Mad Man had his elbows up as he raced his way to a seventh place finish.

The Gold Cup in Chico, CA saw Madsen kick his weekend off by charging from 20th to 11th and on Saturday night he earned hard charger honors by charging from dead last (24th) to a seventh place finish.

“We had a decent week, and passed a lot of cars, and hopefully we learned some things that will help us when we get back out there next year,” Madsen said. “We were pretty consistent but I think we can be a little better.”

2014 BY THE NUMBERS- Starts-82, Wins-9, Top-5’s-41, Top 10’s-63

ON TAP: Madsen and his Keneric Racing team will now head back east as they will return to action on Friday night at the Clay County Fairgrounds before invading the Deer Creek Speedway on Saturday night.

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