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Petersen Media is an  agency that can handle your public relations, marketing, and any other media needs. Petersen Media utilizes multiple tactics to help you reach your intended audience, and boost awareness.


What We Can Do for You!

Press Releases

  •     Posted on various forums and websites

  •     Race Reports

  •     Driver Appearances

  •     Upcoming Events & Product Releases

Social Media

  •     Constructing pages if necessary

  •     Twitter/Facebook Updates of Events

  •     Updates with quick results

  •     Updates linking back to website with new pictures/stories/video


  •     Manage Email contact lists to keep sponsors, fans, or clients informed.

  •     Email Blast all press releases

  •     Email out any pertinent info about updated content on websites


  •     Nightly recap

  •     Sponsorship Proposal

  •     Interviews

  •     Appearances


For more information email us at

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