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Driver of the Week: Geoff Ensign

Back on the beam after a scattered @dreamsprint squad prevented us from updating drivers of the week, the Louie Vermeil Classic opened our eyes and Petaluma CRA confirms “The Human Highlight Film” Geoff Ensign is our latest #driveroftheweek. Starting 23rd of 24 on championship night at the Vermeil, Ensign methodically picked off cars and missed incidents all the way up to a 3rd place finish in Ted Finkenbinder’s #3f earning hard charger of the world laurels. Backing that finish up at Petaluma, Ensign took the lead from $50,000 winner Chad Boespflug and held everyone off for half the race before surrendering the lead to Damion Gardner and finishing second. For proving part time operations can compete with the best as long as you have a wheelman at the controls, Geoff Ensign is the Dream Team Driver of the Week.
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