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Hammes Flirts With Marysville Raceway Win

PETERSEN MEDIA: After being involved in a wild flip over the fourth of July weekend at Marysville Raceway, Dawson Hammes teamed up with Josh Wiesz for the night and had a very strong night going until issues coming to the checkered relegated him to an eighth-place finish.

“It was a bit of an up and down night, but I am extremely thankful that Josh Wiesz gave me the opportunity to run his car after we tore ours up pretty bad last week,” Dawson Hammes said. “We were good in the feature event and got to the lead after starting ninth. Unfortunately, we had a right rear going down in the closing laps and coming to the checkered I lost control and contacted another car and missed out on a win and ended up eighth.”

Having some issues with handling early in the night, Hammes made the decision to head back to his shop to gather a few things to hopefully improve their night, Hammes missed hot laps but was back in time to hit the track for time trials.

Timing in 12th fastest, the Marysville, CA driver was in an early hole as his sixth-place finish in heat race action lined him up ninth in the 25-lap feature event.

With a very good car underneath him for the feature event, Hammes was able to slice and dice his way through the field as he raced into second by the 10th lap and began pressuring Billy Wallace for the point. Getting by Wallace on the 11th lap, Hammes’ efforts were for not as a caution negated the pass.

The ensuing restart saw the youngster from Marysville, CA pressure Wallace and power to the lead on the 14th circuit. Out front, Hammes did have a little trouble in lap traffic, and it allowed Wallace to race back by him on the 21st marker as time was running out.

Able trace back to the lead on the 24th lap, Hammes looked to be on his way to another feature event win at Marysville Raceway, however a deflating right rear tire saw him lose the handle in the last set of corners and spin his machine around and collect another car. In a wild sequence of events to end the race, Hammes ended the night with an eighth-place finish.

“I wanted that one bad, but it wasn’t meant to be,” Hammes said. “I hate that we tore up some many people’s equipment on that last lap. I am thankful for Josh Wiesz’s support as well as my brother Carson, Ally, and my parents.

Hammes Motorsports would like to thank Movement Brewing, STS Farming, All About Fire Protection, Summit Partners Burbank Agency, Harper Inc., and Ace Attorney Services for their continued support.

BY THE NUMBERS: Races: 13, Wins: 1, Top 5’s: 6, Top 10’s: 9

ON TAP: Hammes’ next race at Marrysville Raceway is slated for July 29th. He may head to Silver Dollar Speedway July 21st and 22nd but that decision has not been made yet.

STAY CONNECTED: Keep up with Dawson Hammes by following him on Twitter @Hammer55D, or on Instagram @dawson_hames55d.

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