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Hirst Has Strong Trophy Cup; Wins Trio Of Prelim Features


PETERSEN MEDIA- The Trophy Cup offers a very unique, and tough, format, and Kyle Hirst and his Roth Motorsports team showed consistency as Hirst ended up finishing seventh in overall Trophy Cup points, after winning the C, B, and A, on Thursday night, fourth on Friday night, and 10th from the last row on Saturday night.

“We put ourselves in a great spot heading into the Saturday night feature, but unfortunately the track made things tough on the guys starting in the back, but we were able to move forward, though we would have loved to pick up a few more spots and win the deal, but I am happy for Willie Croft and the Rudeen Racing team.”

With 84 cars entering the prestigious event, Hirst earned his first quick time award of the season on Thursday night, putting him sixth in his heat race. With only the top-two finishers moving into the A, Hirst was unable to do much on the locked down surface, and ended up in a very stacked C Main event.

With the C lined up by points, Hirst started on the pole of the Saturday night C, and went on to pick up the win, moving him into the B Main, where he lined up in the seventh spot, again based on points.

Continuing to show speed, Hirst was able to work his way forward, and grab the win in the B Main aboard his Roth Enterprises/HR Livestock Transportation/3H Cattle No. 83JR, transferring him into the feature event.

The feature event inverted the Top-12 in the point standings, and sitting 10th, Hirst lined up in the third row of the preliminary night feature, and went on to pick up his sixth win of the year with Roth Motorsports, successfully running, and winning, Thursday night’s alphabet soup.

Following Friday night’s fourth place effort, Hirst and his Roth Motorsports team headed into Saturday night’s finale sitting sixth in the points before a fourth place finish in his heat race, bumped him up to second in points, heading into the 50-lap feature event, just 10 points behind his Roth Motorsports teammate, David Gravel.

Lining up in the last row of the feature event alongside Gravel, Hirst was on the hammer when the race came to life, but track conditions made things tough on the top point earners who were in back of the pack, and struggling to work their way forward.

Hanging around the 18th spot during the first part of the race, Hirst ran right with Gravel, as he looked for some separation, as he was on a mission to make up points.

Sitting in the 18th spot on the 34th lap, Hirst and his Roth Motorsports team opted to change both rear tires, and move to the back of the pack, with the hopes of having enough tire to make up ground in the final 16 laps.

The decision did work to an extent, as Hirst was able to make up some ground in the closing laps, as we worked his way up to a 10th place finish in the race, and finishing 7th in Trophy Cup standings.

“We were really hoping to make up some ground and win this deal, but it was not in the cards,” Hirst explained. “This race means so much to all of us, and it’s cool to run well, and win a prelim. Now we will focus on Stockton, as we look to wrap up this KWS title.”

Kyle and his Roth Motorsports team would like to thank Roth Enterprises, HR Livestock Transportation, 3H Cattle,  Mobil1, FK Rod Ends, Weld Wheels, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Kent Performance, Kaeding Performance, and Astro Titanium for their support in 2013.

2014 ROTH MOTORSPORTS BY THE NUMBERS: Starts-37, Wins-6, Top 5’s-23, Top 10’s-30

ON TAP: Hirst and his Roth Motorsports team will return to action on Saturday, November 1st at the Stockton Dirt Track for the KWS season finale.

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