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Stevie Smith Leads Dirt Classic Earnings Report Heading into 2018


(PETERSEN MEDIA)- Since the inception of The Dirt Classic back in 2014, the goal behind the event was to provide a unique racing format to intrigue competitors and fans alike, and also include a hearty purse year after year. With four years of Dirt Classic events in the books, goals continue to get crushed as the myriad of events have paid out over $500,000 heading into 2018, where Dirt Classic 5 presented by Schmuck Lumber will offer $25,000 to win, and $1,500 to start the feature event.

“To see what this event has become in four short years is incredible,” Dirt Classic’s Jarrod Adams said. “Our goal has always been to come up with a really nice purse, and thanks to our great partners we have been able to up it year after year, and pay really good throughout the field and really put a great product on the track for the fans.”

With four years of Dirt Classic events in the books, two-time Dirt Classic Champion, Stevie Smith, remains the highest DC earner as he has taken home $49,800 on the strength of wins during the Inaugural Dirt Classic as well as Dirt Classic 3. Smith was oh so close to being a three time-winner by way of his second place finish during Dirt Classic 2 in 2015, so it is no surprise he remains the number one earner despite being retired in 2017.

Another high earner with a unique twist is Danny Dietrich who sits second on the earnings list heading into 2018. Despite not winning a Dirt Classic, Dietrich has picked off a couple Dirt Classic Qualifier events and run well during the finales and has taken home a cool $30,000 over the last four seasons.

Dirt Classic 4 winner, and 2018 National Sprint Car Hall of Fame Inductee, Lance Dewease sits third on the list taking home $29,250, while Dirt Classic 2 champ, Brian Montieth is fourth with a total of $26,200 netted.

With four drivers taking home at least $25,000 in four years, Greg Hodnett sits fifth on the list with a total of $18,200 earned in Dirt Classic events.

All in all a total of $511,910 dollars have been paid out between California and PA at Dirt Classic events with a total of 12 drivers earning at least $10,000.

2018 will again have a lot of money up for grabs during Dirt Classic events with DC Ohio at Attica Raceway Park August 31st – Sept 1st, DC Qualifier at Williams Grove Speedway on September 14th, and at Dirt Classic 5 pres. by Schmuck Lumber on September 22nd at Lincoln Spedway.

Top 12 Earners- 1. Stevie Smith $49,800, 2. Danny Dietrich $30,000, 3. Lance Dewease $29,250, 4. Brian Montieth $26,200, 5. Greg Hodnett $18,200, 6. Rico Abreu $16,800, 7. Sheldon Haudenschild $13,200, 8. Terry McCarl $12,000, 9. Lucas Wolfe $11, 750, 10. Dominic Scelzi $10,500, 11. Dale Blaney $10,020, 12. Joey Saldana $10,000.

2017 WINNERS- Dominic Scelzi (Dirt Classic California 360ci), DJ Netto (Dirt Classic California 410ci), Shane Stewart (Front Row Challenge), Joey Saldana (Dirt Classic Ohio), Lance Dewease (Dirt Classic 4 pres. by Schmuck Lumber)

ON TAP- Dirt Classic Ohio is the first Dirt Classic event on the schedule in 2018 at Attica Raceway Park August 31st and September 1st.

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