NARC Benevolent Fund Provides Aid to Lingron Family and Margaret Lingron

(PETERSEN MEDIA)- Year after year, the NARC Benevolent fund puts on various fundraisers raising money for racers, crew members, officials, etc. should they be involved in an on track incident and need financial help. Though it is the hope that these issues never arise, unfortunately accidents do happen and help is often needed.

July 29th, Petaluma Speedway official, Margaret Lingron was involved in an on-track accident, resulting in the last three weeks being spent in the ICU. Recently being moved to a non ICU room, doctors have advised up to three months of being immobile for up to three months enabling the healing process of pelvic fractures.

The NARC Benevolent Fund is happy to announce that a check has been cut and delivered to the Lingron family in their time of need as the long road to recovery continues.

“I have loved Sprint Car racing my entire life, and now it helps my family in time of suffering,” Said Lingron’s husband Ron, who serves as the announcer at Petaluma Speedway and Ocean Speedway. “My family cannot thank the facilitators who made this happen enough, and in fact Thank You just seems to hollow.”

The NARC Benevolent Fund will continue to raise money in years to come, and hopes for continued to support from the racing family to continue to be there in times of need.

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