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Dollansky 14th in First Weekend With Roth Motorsports


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PETERSEN MEDIA- Though their first weekend together did not produce results they were happy with, both Craig Dollansky and his Roth Motorsports team are pleased with the progress they made in two nights of racing and are looking forward to three nights of racing this week in Pennsylvania.

“The more laps I made in the car, the more comfortable and confident I got,” Craig Dollansky said.

Friday night, Dollansky made his first start aboard the Roth Enterprises/HR Livestock Transportation/3H Cattle No. 83, and timed in 29th fastest before finishing seventh in his heat race.

Lining up 11th in the Last Chance Showdown, the Elk River, MN driver would pick off a few cars, as he would finish 9th, as the team would elect to take a provisional into the nights’ feature event.

From the 25th starting position, Dollansky seemed to get comfortable lap by lap aboard the Mobil1/FK Rod Ends/Weld Wheels backed No. 83 machine, as he was able to gain a few positions, and finish 18th.

“I put us in a hole during time trials by not running the line I needed to,” he added. “Unfortunately we had to take a provisional to get into the A Main, but we were able to get by some cars.”

After a weather system delayed the start of the program Saturday, Dollansky would time in 18th fastest on this night, before finishing sixth in heat race action.

“Saturday night I felt like we had a decent qualifying lap and felt we should have landed in the Top-10 somewhere, but unfortunately we ended up 18th,” he added. “We missed transferring through the heat, and had to run the B Main, and we had a good car going into the A Main.”

Lining up on the pole of the Last Chance Showdown, Dollansky was race his way to the win, and move into the 30-lap feature event.

From his ninth row starting position Dollansky would again get moving forward in the feature event just as he did on Friday night, as he would work his way to 14th, where he would close out his weekend.

“Sonny, Brandon, John, and Drew do a great job with this Roth Motorsports team,” Dollansky added. “None of us were happy with our results for the weekend, but we are going to work hard to get Dennis and Teresa Roth’s car up front and winning races like it should.”

The Roth Motorsports team would like to thank Roth Enterprises, HR Livestock Transportation, 3H Cattle,  Mobil1, FK Rod Ends, Weld Wheels, Brown and Miller Racing Solutions, Kent Performance, Kaeding Performance, and Astro Titanium for their support in 2015.

2015 ROTH MOTORSPORTS BY THE NUMBERS: Starts-2, Wins-0, Top 5’s-0, Top 10’s-0.

ON TAP: Craig Dollansky and the Roth Motorsports team will return to action on Wednesday night at the Lincoln Speedway, before a two-day show at the Williams Grove Speedway on Friday and Saturday.

STAY CONNECTED: Stay connected with Roth Motorsports by checking out their new website,, and by following Craig on Twitter @CraigDollansky.

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