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EnvSystem Prices Slashed


PETERSEN MEDIA: One of the most innovative and durable GoPro mounts on the market is pleased to announce to filming enthusiasts that the prices have been slashed heading towards the holiday season.

The Env 2.0, which is compatible with both the GoPro Hero and GoPro Hero 2 has been dropped from it’s regular price of 199.95 to 109.99 effective immediately.

The Env 4.0 which is compatible with the GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+, and the new GoPro Hero 4 is now selling for 199.95, cut from it’s original price of $279.95. With the GoPro Hero 3+ and 4 coming with a very thin housing, we do want consumers to know that an original GoPro Hero 3 housing or a new GoPro Dive Housing Case is needed for the cameras to work in our cradle system.

EnvSystem is happy to announce that users with GoPro Hero 3+ and GoPro Hero 4 cameras can also opt for the package that includes the GoPro Dive Housing as part of the kit fo $259.95.

“We are really excited to be able to get our cost down for our consumers,” Ian Marvuglio said. “We have a really awesome product and continue to get rave reviews from our customers, so we are pleased that we can hopefully get these units in more peoples hands as the popularity of GoPro’s continues to rise.”

For those interested in picking up the very popular, and durable, EnvSystem, please click over to today!

ENVSYSTEM-  The one downside to GoPro’s has been the amount of cameras broken, destroyed or lost due to our occasional accidents while filming ourselves doing these great action sports/adventures.

The EnvSystem solves that problem by providing a sleek, super functional, 100% billet aluminum way to cradle your camera as well as mount it during your most extreme activities.

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