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The Driver’s Journal- Shane Stewart on Adapting To Change in 2019



By Shane Stewart

In all motorsports change is inevitable. The biggest key in being successful with change is how quickly you can adapt to your new surroundings.

I think the biggest thing that I worry about getting involved with a new team is how well everyone is going to communicate with each other. Communication is key in how quickly you can get up to speed working with a new crew chief and a new team is absolutely crucial to day to day success both on and off the track.

In this situation I was a little bit more at piece with things knowing that CJB Motorsports has had speed consistently for numerous years now with multiple different driver. Crew Chief, Barry Jackson is smart when it comes building the cars and setting them up. He is one of the old school guys that has been up and down the road a few times and has seen and been in different situations.

Having a well-traveled guy like that definitely is and was comforting to me as a driver making the move over to CJB Motorsports this offseason. With that said, I still was a little nervous because it was a new team, new cars for me to drive, a new engine package, and new expectations. Like I said before the key is being able to adapt to these changes quickly.

Coming out of the gate in Ocala with a solid podium finish reassured me that we were going to be just fine this year. To come out like that was really a huge confidence booster for all of us.


From Ocala to then heading to Volusia, (where I normally struggle at) and continue to show speed and have success really makes me really excited about this upcoming season. To grab a win that early was monumental.  I think the communication between all of us is where it needs to be and as we progress it will even get better. Starting as well as we have has me eager to really get going. I am excited for the schedule to ramp up so I can strap in and go!



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