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Up and Down Chili Bowl for Paul Nienhiser


PETERSEN MEDIA: Climbing back aboard a midget for the first time in nearly three years, Paul Nienhiser would team up with Loyet Motorsports for the Chili Bowl Midget Nationals, and admittedly have an up and down week.

“I was pretty rusty and had to re teach myself how to driver a midget during practice day, and I felt pretty comfortable after a couple of sessions, but was still nervous,” Paul Nienhiser said. “I really went to school watching teammates Gary Taylor and Brad Loyet run their prelim nights, so Thursday I actually felt pretty confident heading into the night.”

Lining up fourth in his heat race, Nienhiser would look very strong aboard the BP Fab No. o5N machine as he raced his way into the lead on the second lap. Out front, the Chapin, IL pilot took care of business and grabbed the win, which successfully moved him into a qualifier.

PGridding the field fourth in his qualifier, Nienhiser would battle with some stout competition, and he forced himself to push his limits at times. While looking to keep pace and lock into the Thursday night feature event, Nienhiser would get into the wall and find himself in the preliminary night ‘B’ main event.

Taking the green flag form the fourth row in his ‘B’, Nienhiser just couldn’t get going forward as he chased after one of just four transfer positions. Slipping back a bit, Nienhiser would close his night out in the 14th spot, which put him deep in Saturday’s ‘Alphabet Soup’.

Picking up the win in Saturday’s ‘H’ Main, Nienhiser would advance into the ‘G’ Main, where he would again have a good run. Racing his way into a transfer position, Nienhiser would make a slight mistake and it would result in his machine spinning out and ultimately ending his Chili Bowl.

“I really have to thank Joe and Brad Loyet of Loyet Motorsports for the opportunity to have a ton of fun at the Chili Bowl,” Nienhiser added. “They have a great group of guys around them, and really made it enjoyable and they worked hard. It really makes me want to run a midget more often.”

Nienhiser would like to thank CAM2 Blue Blood Racing Oil, Mason Sound, Innovative Design, Bradshaw Custom Pumping, Wessler Bros. Agency, Bob Hawks Autobody, Littleton Storm & Timer, Fierce Herbicide, Sunstoppers Window Tinting, Engler Machine and Took, FK Indy, Rider Racing Engines, Kaeding Performance, and Steve Thomas Racing for their continued support.

2018 BY THE NUMBERS: Races-2, Wins-0, Top 5’s-0, Top 10’s-0

ON TAP: With Sprint Car racing still a few weeks away, Nienhiser is still figuring out when his next race will be as he balances out his school schedule.

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